Are you ready to start your business in central Europe?

You are not Russian?

Poland is the best vector for you.

We are ranked No.3 among world's best countries to start or expand your business.

We will help you and guide you along the way, but you need to take the first step.

We Forge Ideas Into Business

How do we work? What do we value most? What can you expect? You will find all the answers bellow.

  • We respect people and we treat them the same way we would like to be treated.
  • We love our country. As patriots our work is focused on local development, on municipal and county level.
  • We are aware of our heritage and our contribution to Europe history.
  • We pay great deal of attention to environment, renewable energy, and circular economy.
  • All our actions are focused on maximizing value of provided services. Nonmatter are you a big player, or just a beginner, you will be taken care of in the same way.
  • We know our limitations and if something surpasses us, we talk about it.
  • We work in modern project management frameworks with utilization of well-known and proven tools.
  • You can expect professional service, outside the box thinking and low operating costs.

Maximizing business value
We love Poland
Poland landscape

Why you should invest in Poland?

How can we help? What services do we provide?

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We are economic development powerhouse. Acc to IMF, GDP per capita in Poland has increased ten times since 1981, and its estimated to reach around 43k USD in 2024.

Business friendly environment. We are leading country in Central Europe region. Ranked as seventh in Europe and first in CE with highest level of FDI received in last years. More than 200 FDI with total value of over 13,2 bilion USD. International corporations including Amcor, Lend Lease, Goldman Sachs, Mercedes-Benz, and KPMG have all set up in Poland because of lower wages and proximity to other European markets but also because it has a stable currency, reliable banking sector and excellent pool of talent in key industry sectors such as IT, clothing, electronics, food, mining, and mechanical engineering.

Central geographical location in the heart of Europe. The central location of Poland makes it attractive for foreign companies which aim at slashing time of order realization for customers in the markets at center of Europe.

Polish Investment Zone. It is a statutory support instrument for companies planning new investments. Entrepreneurs are given 10 to 15 years to complete the investment and take advantage of a tax relief.

Talent hub. Being one of the most dynamic economies in the EU and achieving a remarkably high rank on the Human Development Index, Poland is the eighth largest economy in Europe. Poland is home to 38.2 mln inhabitants, of which, 16.5 mln people are in the working age group. Further, it is also home to 5k + technology start-up talent pool, making it a favorable ecosystem for both product as well as services companies to explore it as their next geography in their globalization journeys. Poland is home to 100+ colleges and universities, with around 140k graduates in engineering courses. Poland holds fourth place in Europe in terms of the number of people enrolled in higher education. The three largest universities in Poland are all technology institutions – Warsaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, and AGH University of Science & Technology.

How can we help?
We are aware that for a foreigner its hard or in some cases impossible to establish a company in foreign country. We will act as a bridge, connecting you with your future enterprise established in our great country.

What services do we provide?

  • Market analysis
  • Investment concept
  • Legal formalities
  • Business processes outsourcing
  • B2B matching
  • Business partner search and audit
  • Available forms of financing
  • Subsidiary investor
  • Investment supervision
  • Staffing
  • Equipment outfitting

What have we done so far?

What kind of projects we have completed?

Production and testing facility

Production workshop with administration building - stage I & II

Investment value around 5mln EUR

    Project scope:
  • Compiling budget
  • Legal formalities
  • Construction design
  • Construction subcontractors
  • Subsidiary investor
  • Construction
  • Technical acceptance
  • Use permit release
  • Equipment outfitting
  • Core team recruitment
  • Services outsourcing

Sports and recreation facilities

Adaptation of existing halls to project requirements

Investment value around 1,5mln EUR

    Project scope:
  • Compiling budget
  • Legal formalities
  • Adaptation design
  • Adaptation subcontractors
  • Construction
  • Technical acceptance
  • Use permit release
  • Equipment outfitting
  • Core team recruitment

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